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Monday, 23 June 2014





I think that the Appaloosa is an amazing breed. It has many different features such as its hooves (feet), which are usually striped. This breed is well known for its leopard spotted coat but there are many other markings on the Appaloosa. Some more of the breed’s characteristics are that the sclera can be visible around the iris when the eye is in a normal position. An interesting fact is that the Appaloosas average height is 14.2 hands which means that the breed is a horse breed because a horses height is 14.1 hands tall at the smallest.



The Appaloosa is one of a few horse breeds that go blind from Eru more frequently than other horse breeds. 25% of Eru is found in Appaloosas. 80% of uiveitis is found in Appaloosas. If you don’t know what Eru is it’s an active inflammation episode in the eye. Eru is a disease that tends to lead to blindness in most horses but tends to be in Appaloosas. If an Appaloosa has white socks, you should be grooming them at least 3 times a week in winter if it is wet weather you should check the feet everyday because if they are in a really muddy paddock they can get mud fever. It is a serious illness and if its not treated early it can lead to the horse’s death.



In history, the Appaloosa was the breed originally named “Palouse Horse”, this name was given to them by the early settlers. This horse’s origin was the United States and now is the most popular breed in the United States. Appaloosas are known to be stock horses like driving cattle and sheep.






The appaloosa can also be used in western competitions   like rodeos but also can be used in eventing which is cross country,  show jumping and dressage. From my experience Appaloosas are lovely to ride and compete on their strides are a great side. The Appaloosa that I ride’s name is Dixie.  Her stride is a great size and her walk trot and canter are so smooth. Depending on the size of your horse or pony it can be ridden in western or English saddle.

Overall I think that the Appaloosa is a lovely breed.


  1. Abby that horse is so cute

  2. Thanks i ride a applalossa and her name is amber she is so lovely to be around and ride. She has such a smooth trot. 😄😄😄