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Monday, 20 April 2015

School holidays

My school holidays were really fun.
In the frist week i hung out with my dad, then on Wednesday i went to a horse clinic which was really fun and i gotto ride hlrses and spend time looking after them.

the next week i spent time at  a horse clinic at the same play, i was there to help. Which was fun becaudevi still learnt heaps and i found it really enjoyable.


  1. The horse clinic must of been fun!

  2. it sounds like a fun holiday

  3. You must of had fun you are a true year 8 leader

  4. Hi Abigail,
    your holiday sound really fun, also going to the horse clinic to help.Wow.
    We haven't had our holiday's yet, it's next week. I've got everything planned out for the holidays. Come check out my and blog and my schools.

    Mine :
    My class: