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Monday, 2 March 2015

Gella Pass

Gella Pass

When you look above Gella Pass the sky is full of bright beautiful creatures called Raptors. They are the most terrifying sight, but they capture you with their colourful feathers of all different shades and brightness.Once a year when they all go to find a new feeding spot, the pass suddenly lights up like a firework show on Guy Fawkes.

It is the most beautiful sight one could ever see,
but it is the rarest thing to witness because of the thin air. hardly anyone can stand to be up that high for so long. So it is the fright of the most deadly animal being so close you could touch it and the thin air that makes it so breath taking.

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  1. What a vivid imagination you have, Abigail. I can really picture Gella Pass, by the amazing way you have described colour and emotions. Fantastic!